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don't pick on my poor little 700 horse 427inch mouse motor....


here's the other side. it has lots of interesting stuff besides the worlds most beautiful headers when you look on this side... :--)


i have a brand new set of Lemons ceramic coated 2 inch headers and all i need is time to put them on. i've actually been waiting till spring to change headers at the same time i put the supercharger on... :burnout: i'm so happy i figured out how to post pics.... :)



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ok... if you're interested then i'll practice posting another picture and tell you about it.


it's a 70 split bumper RS Z28. all restored except it needs seat covers. it has a fuel injected 427 inch DART block and DART 215 aluminum heads. all forged with callies crank and rods with mahle coated pistons. full jesel valvetrain and comp hydraulic roller cam. it basically has about everything you would want in a high performance engine. made 504 horse on a calibrated dyno when it was brand new on just motor and has a ZEX perimeter nitrous setup with separate fuel cell and fuel pump. lakewood bell housing and RAM 10.5 dual face clutch. tremec TKO 600 5 speed with built 12 bolt. car has custom subframe connectors. with nitrous makes 700 horse. this winter it's gettin a supercharger... :--) paint is almost perfect, but i do drive it and it's not a trailer or garage queen. i've had it for about 8 years and have made it better and better since i've had it. i took it to a couple of cruises in the last couple of weeks cause i messed up buffing my buick grand national T-top and didn't get it dried off after it rained on it after i got it claybarred and S&H buffed and didn't dry it and got water spots. right now i'm on hotrod detail overload and running around in circles having two toys... :willy: i need to go to a clinic to learn how to do better and faster car detailing.



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chevy girl.... pm me sometime and we'll arrange to talk. why a 572 crate motor? hard to put in, even worse mpg,more weight, no more power than a stroked small block... and unless you put other stuff in the BB will overpower it. i have both so i know a little about what i'm talking about. do you want a racecar or a streetcar? if you're looking to build a racecar then maybe, but otherwise i'd tell him to rethink it. but if you really want to buy a BB i got one for sale. or if you want to build one i could help you with that or help you figure out what to do. lots of possibilities....


if you want to sell it i'll tell people. one place to advertise it FS would be on Nastyz28.com. that's all 2nd gen camaros. how complete is yours?

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