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Tis the season............so let's see some trees!


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Post up a pic of your holiday tree!


Here's ours. Lousy pic I know, but if you look closely, you'll see lots of little cars on the tree. It's filled with ornaments that we've collected in 36 years of marriage.



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me and my wife used to try and collect ornaments, then my son, otherwise known as THE DEBIL!!!! came along. gotta be my spawn since my 3 stepkids werent a problem until they hit their teens...


ps: ill get a pic up as soon as we get our tree and toss it up

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No kids for me so I don't do a tree, but I do put this up :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Buddy thinks it's trying to pat him on the head, such an attention hound. I think he gets that from me :help::help::help:





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I have this for a tree,what do you think?




Happy Festavus :banana:

Nice. Are you going to do the whole Festivus celebration? The Festivus Feats of Strength are nice.....but I especially like the Airing of the

Grievances! (This is a Seinfeld reference for those not indoctrinated).


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