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WWII War Bond and Morale Posters

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I love that stuff, too.


On a side note, I heard a piece on NPR today about how some American remains were recently found at a bomber crash site in Germany and the families finally got confirmation of their relatives' fate. The piece also noted that there are something like 85,000 American service people currently listed as MIA, including about 1100 from Vietnam, 185 from Cold War activities, 8500 from Korea and 73,000(!) from WWII. I had no idea we were still in doubt as to that many!


Note: those numbers are not quite exact; I'm going from memory on what I heard on the radio.

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We need to bring a lot of that sense of patriotism back today. We need to support our active service men and women more. They're chancing their lives for our freedoms, the least we can do is show them some support. With all of these soldiers coming back in a couple months, I hope that business owners will consider hiring a returning veteran first. They'll all have a lot of adjusting to do.


Great find Dylan. Makes me proud. :patriot:

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