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TESTIMONIAL: A pair of beautiful 455 birds!

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Another great review from one of our customers! I love when they share stuff like this with us, and what a great couple of cars!!




I e-mailed you a while back, thrilled with the products. I really want you to post this e-mail and post my e-mail address. I will correspond with anyone to vouch for this.


I have 2 1973 Trans Ams - one Buccaneer Red and one Brewster Green. The Buc Red car is higher mileage, more of a driver. The Brewster car is 37k original miles and really clean.


A seam in the passenger seat in the Buc Red car recently split. Maddening, but not surprising. The all original 37 year old interior was very dry, but this was the first seam split.


I doused the whole interior with your VRT dressing, and parked the car outside on a 75* day with the windows rolled up to let everything warm up.


The following day, the old vinyl was absolutely SUPPLE! No B.S. The 37 year old vinyl loks and feels brand new. It really is unbelievable. I am absolutely convinced that had I done this a week earlier, the passenger seat would still be intact. I will have the passenger seat redone, but the brand new seat cover won't look any different than the rest of the ORIGINAL interior. Of course, I then doused the Brewster car's interior, and it looks like 1973 again.


Adam, you have this down to a science. I am SO glad that I doscovered your products.


Be well.


Paul Cramm









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THANK YOU!!! To all who replied! I know these things will never hang with a C6 or even a C5 vette, but they really do represent a pretty iconic time period in the history of Detroit Iron. These are NOT Super Duty cars ... couldn't afford SD's and if I had one, I probably wouldn't ever drive it. So these are ALOT more fun. 455s have each been cleaned .030 over and the original, low compression 4x heads were swapped for smaller chamber 6X heads to boost compression. Also added Edelbrock Performer RPM intakes and Doug's ceramic headers with 3" exhaust. Very streetable combo that is good for no B.S. 390 hp and 490 tq. at the the flywheel. Add a clutch pedal and you can entertain yourself all day long. I did upgrade to Hotchkis springs and swaybars with KYB shocks, so handling is admirable for a 37 year old car. Of course, the ADAMS products keep them looking great!

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