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2004 Chevrolet Cavalier.............Turbo?


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Not your typical cavalier I would say and believe me, I catch a lot of crap for it but I really don't care though. Its all mine and I pay for it by myself. Started out as a cheap gas mileage, cheap insurance, cheap everything car. I ended up taking it a lot farther once I realized the aftermarket of them.


The day I brought it home... car ran 16.1 @ 86 in stock form.




Stage I: wheels, drop, intake, header, minor stuff.



Then ran into a such unfortunate event...... or not. I was at a car show and a micro burst hit our hotel and TRASHED my car. $6500 in damage and I got the kit I dreamed of for years. Made it a little more subtle and not as stand out.



Along with the kit. I loved the car but was not fast enough. So first came stage II. My first budget turbo kit. I had only $1500 into the entire setup including tuning. Car then went 15.2 @ 90.




Its a vbullitin forum i have to post the next post with more pics.

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Went bronze wheels, and painted the front bumper more. Car made 225/185 on the dyno in this stage at 12.5psi with a crap tune. literally dangerous crap tune.



Stage III: New designed turbo kit, more efficient setup, cleaned up the engine bay. Fixed a lot of stuff. Car went 13.5 @ 106 on 14psi.


Fully built motor went in. Car went 12.6 @ 117 on 16psi with a BLOWN clutch, shooting sparks down the whole track. Made 323/285 on 16psi.



New wheels, minor mods, twin disc clutch went in. Then I decided it was time for an overhaul. Much needed.



Old log manifold came off.... this went on



All the NEW parts that went on over the past year. I didnt have the car for a whole year :(


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Final product. Whole new setup, no numbers yet, no times yet.



FINALLY got new suspension that was well deserved. STD Standard



Wilwood big brakes up front.


Then came more bad news about a lost foam cast process to cast the head for my car... it failed finally. Car sits like this...



due to this....


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My new DD that pushed me to buy the Adam's stuff to clean it. Just traded my 08 in for this 12 less than a week ago. As well as fresh orange paint a few months ago.



Dads toys.... 2010 2SS



02Z & 02 SS side by side. both his



His 71Z



Thanks for looking. Comments questions, concerns.

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I've heard it all. Chick car. You name it. Anything that runs 4 seconds faster than stock is a winner in my book.


400hp, 35mpg, cheap insurance all day long.


Mind you I'm looking for an old nova/ Chevelle.... methanol setup..... mmmm in due time

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Neat collection of cars, and that cavalier is actully quite slick. :thumbsup:


Where are you located? I know of a 76ish nova 2 door here in maryland that a guy was trying to sell last summer. Ive only seen it from the side of the road... It looks like it has a big motor and rear end, and the body is just black paint in mediocre condition, but no obvious rust. Their sale sign is off it now, but it's still in the guy's driveway. I could look into it if you're interested.

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Awesome story Vincent! Great job on the Cavalier! I'm going to steal this and post the link on our Cobalt forum. We have at least one member with a turbo'd Cavalier, and many more gear heads that would love to hear about this amazing transformation. The Cobalt has a lot of the same rep as the Cavalier, chick car, Slowbalt, etc etc. but the look on people's faces if you waste them in their STi/GT500/SRT8 etc is priceless :)

Good luck and I for one am in for numbers on the latest setup when you get them!!

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Thanks. Got a TON of wiring for the car done today. Just got it all cleaned up and removed...


found out the hard way... DONT USE SHRINK wrap as masking paper. Left something on the paint and I hope the fine polish can take it off. All my cleaning stuff should be delivered tomorrow and i want to get it off asap! really bugging me.

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  • 2 months later...

well after of it not running or in my possession due to upgrades on it I finally got it put back together and running. Its been a long two years to have something paid off that you cant drive or enjoy but its time. all that is left is to button some small things up, go over it with a fine tooth comb. clean up wiring and what not and then tune it.


I want to hit the dyno and track ASAP!!


Here is a video of it idling...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q00vliYT74]First start of 2012....loping - YouTube[/ame]

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^^^Very cool! I am diggin your build man. Nice power too! I want to see what it puts down now...


Good job and keep us posted...


(turbo's rule, lol)



Thanks, im pretty excited. I have 5 days off from work this week so I hope to tear into it some more and clean some wiring up as well as get everything installed 100%. Need to log some idle time and cranking time so my tuner can adjust that and get it set to where it needs to be. After that I need to get with him and set up time and dates for street tune then a dyno tune. Once thats done if its open im going straight to the track.


I love my turbo.... I used to drive a 97 s10 I bought off my parents and let me tell you going from a 300hp cavalier to a 90hp s10 was killer. I mean now I have a truck with a 5.3L in it and its better but I miss that turbo spooling, open dump wastegate, blow off valve noise. Going to be so worth it!

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Congratulations Vincent! It's been a long time coming. Engine sounds great! Now to get it tuned and dyno'd...Be sure to post up the results.

One of the guys in our club just finished the build of his sleeper Cobalt LT. He ran a 12.06 and dyno'd at 539whp/526tq... It's fun to see him murder big V8's at the drag strip!


Edit: Remember we're at 5280 feet here, where 12's are pretty impressive!


Here's the link to his dyno post: http://www.5280cobalts.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=1581

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