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£7,000 for a car detail?!


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Would you pay $3,000 for a lifetime supply of Americana?


Nope, probably not. I don't detail that much and with how long it lasts...i don't think it'd be worth it to me...plus, it has a shelf life, unless we are talking the minute you run out of your old container, the send you a fresh batch...

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Ah the concept of hyper-pricing strikes again!


Its genius really. Paul Dalton kind of 'invented it' as far as the detailing world is concerned, but this guys following the same principles.


The idea is that the simplest way to get your name, service, product out there is to price it SO completely out of this world people will post videos, share it on facebook, etc. The marketing goes somewhat viral for almost no cost other than what time was invested to shoot the video. Its not that this guy or any other hyper pricer intends to sell tons of $11,000 details... its simply for exposure. Then, with the exposure is able to market more realistic services.


Example -


I resurrect my former detailing business "Deep Reflections Auto Detailing"


Find the craziest vehicle I can get my hands on, say an Aventador, and offer the guy a FREE detail to use his ride in a video about my services. Done.


Shoot the video and upload to youtube... list the price of the detail as my "101 step diamond level detail. MSRP $15,000.00"


Do a really nice detail on the car, list some crazy products that will impress people, add a couple of outlandish steps to make the detail seem exclusive "I use glacier water for my final rinse. Its made from ice cut from a glacier in the arctic and flown directly to my shop where I melt it into jugs that I then rinse the car with. It costs $900 per gallon to make"


Post video to youtube and people do the rest of the work for me posting it all over the internet - my cost to distribute the marketing = $0.00 (aside from my product/time to detail the lambo and shoot the video)


I then use the noterity gained from my "$15,000 diamond level detail with glacier water rinse" to market my core business... which is details priced in the $300-$600 range and simply because of that video I have gotten TONS of free marketing, advertising, and notoriety.


Genius concept... but none of these guys who put these videos out actually do many $10,000 details.

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The Z product had one that retailed for ~$45,000 and another of their products still on Amazon for $8,000...


Somehow I can't see justifying the price, even if you get lifetime supply....


lol at those prices it's cheaper to repaint, or even better, just buy a new car! :jester:

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On the subject of P. Dalton, it looks like the bulk of his details are in the $1-2k range, with less than a dozen going into the higher $6000+ range. Kudos to him for great marketing and brand recognition!!


Absolutely! Can't fault the guy for being sucessful... just wish I had thought of it first :D

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Absolutely! Can't fault the guy for being sucessful... just wish I had thought of it first :D

Me too! To be frank tho, this old body may not support a full time detailing gig, even if I could get $1-2K a detail.


I admire Paul's relentless pursuit of perfection. He has added a few interesting tools of late, including a electronic microscope and a gloss meter -- some big ticket items... necessary or good marketing??


I'm still looking for a paint meter that works on ferrous surfaces that shows the amount of clear. My mind says if they can do the gloss meter you should be able to tell the difference in reflection/refraction and come up with a clear coat measurement (regardless of the surface it is coating). That would assume clear coat that isn't cloudy (I would imagine that would affect accuracy)


Happy detailing!

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