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Starting college today


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Im going back to school next semester, decided that I cannot do what im doing for the rest of my life, i plan to see it through to the end of my van lease and as soon as thats done shop is getting "sold" :o:D it will be the saddest/happiest day of my life


But the main reason for going back to school is to hopefully meet a cute chick, i dont get out much any more soo..... :jester: (not really but its the only thing that makes it less miserable)


to be honest im not really a book/education guy. It has always come difficult to me. But in this society where you now have to have a degree to work at verizon/att and looked down upon for being "good with your hands" im going to force my self through it and do the best I absolutely can.


best of luck i have one more year to get through before my associates degree, then ill move on to my bachelors and call it quits after that

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Good luck!


I started college and enjoyed it so much that I wound up graduating 10 years later... with a B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. :loser:


Now I'm stuck in the "real world" and I wish I could go back :help:


It's going to take me 7.5 years for me to finish my B.S., don't feel bad LOL


Then another 5-6 for my double M.A.

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Really nail down the math, work that course like crazy. Everything after that will be easier. Good luck, knuckle down, blow the younger ones into the weeds! YOU are they guy they fear, for them it's like going to school with a Veteran, those guys are serious about their grades and studies.;)

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