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25th Annaversary Callaway Vette 1 of only 25 made


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This just showed up at the dealership yesterday. For their 25th Birthday, Callaway has teamed up with Chevrolet to bring back RPO B2K from the 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes. They are just making 25 of these Special Edition cars and this is number 23 (the best number to me as a kid of the 90's and huge Michael Jordan fan). They are based on the Corvette Grand Sport and all 25 of them are Cyber Grey with a Carbon Flash Metallic roof, Callaway's custom carbon fiber pieces, and my favorite part of the car: black chrome wheels along with a huge list of other upgrades. It is their most powerful LS3 based car ever at 620 HP and runs the quarter mile in 10.9 Seconds @ 127 MPH :bow:. Getting to see cars like this is why I love my job!!! I did get to drive it about 40 feet too :2thumbs: from one garage to another. It isn't quite done getting detailed but it will be inside now until it sells so I had to snap some pics while it was in the sun.

We also have a convertible on the way.

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Alex you say its Cyber Grey? I thought that it was Night Race Blue.

It does look like NR Blue in a couple of my pics, my camera just picks up the blue flake in Cyber Grey. A Grand Sport just got here and there was a night race blue GS on the truck, that is a really cool looking color. It almost looks black.

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Thanks for the inventory update Alex! Friends, Purifoy Chevrolet is an Authorized Reseller of our products, and they have an awesome team there. Alex is a go-getter, and very up to speed on the performance Chevrolet lineup.


Dylan, can you pleased update Alex to, "Alex@Purifoy" and make his status here official, "Authorized Distributor?"



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