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detail spray and IPA



Hey guys i was wondering if the detail spray has IPa in it. I know it sounds strange but hear me out lol.


My friend just bought a brand new 2013 escalade. Fully and completly loaded. He asked the salesman what he could do to keep the truck lookin how it does (being its black). And the guy talked him into buying some detail spray that they use on all the cars in the lot. I forgot the name of it, Sorry!!


So my friend was excited for me to try it out because he knows how much i love cleaning cars. So he gave me the bottle to test out. Man this stuff stunk, really bad. I had to hold my breathe when i sprayed it. And it did pretty much nothing, i didnt notice any difference at all when i used it.


The salesman told him its a detail spray and to use it for anything. Drying agent, spray wax, use it on windows etc. Just like adams detail spray would be used.


So i looked at the label on the side and it said it contained IPA. This didnt make sense to me. Wouldnt the IPA rip off all the protectant you have on your car when its sprayed on??? It seemed like it would do more harm then good. But my friend was arguing that the IPA is to clean the surface better to get rid of contamination. We agreed to disagree and now he swears that this random crap is the best, just because the caddilac salesman told him so.


So i was just wondering does adams detail spray have ipa in it, before i argue more with him and turn out to be wrong lol!!

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If it has IPA it will strip the wax! Let car salesman stick to car sales. I will stick to detail spray for my drying and quick detailing. I haven't seen the ingredients in Detail Spray (DS), but I am almost certain I doesn't contain IPA. If it did wouldn't you use it to strip the wax, not extend the life of it? Adams new DS says on the sales site it "Extends Protection with NEW Wax Boosting Technology".

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