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Full Correction on a 88 300z Turbo


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I got a 1988 300zx Turbo with only 12k orignial miles on it to detail. Car was in really bad shape. Been sitting outside under a cover for a long time. So far I have only washed, clayed and started on the hood. So far took 6 steps to fully correct the hood. But I just wanted to show some progress on it. I will post more once it is done with glaze and wax.








Test section. Before



After only 3 steps



Before and after shot



To Be Continued......

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Fantastic. Most corrections I see are on late model vehicles. I love seeing older makes get corrected. Can't wait for more pics.

Im with ya..those older "well maintained" but hazy cars are always a pleasure to see corrected. The results are so drastic it must be extremely satisfying for the detailer

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I had a red 1984 Turbo 300zx that I use Liquid Glass on it since it was new and when I did a full detail on it in 2006 with the Adams products it looked even better........ I wish I had not sold it in 2008 because I really miss that car.

The correction on these older cars is amazing especially if the body is in great shape..... nice work!

BTW: I don't think this car is a turbo charged Z because there is no hood scoop or alloy wheels.

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