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I refreshed the C-10 trailer queen!

Calvin A


My truck has unfortunately become a trailer queen since we finished the build. Cab corners and rocker panel replacement took on a whole new life for the C-10. It now has a full round tube chassis, C4 Corvette suspension front and rear, LS2 and T-56 6 speed, this only begins the list. 

After being showed the past year and been neglected to Detail Spray and Brilliant Glaze (Which is not a bad thing) needed to be gone over.

I hit the truck with Clay Bar, Paint Correction, Paint Finishing, Brilliant Glaze, and topped off with a coat of Americana Paste wax. It didn't look bad before but wow did this help!I also hit the billet wheels with metal polish #2 post-13979-0-46099500-1456192705_thumb.jpg



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