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Greetings from Florida


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Proud owner of a 2015 Chevy Silverado - Rally Edition in Victory Red.  I saw that some forum members prefer pictures so I have attached a few of my new baby.  I have already be getting a ton of crap from my wife about the amount of time I have chosen to spend washing and cleaning my new truck.  So far I am new to using Adam's products but have already made use of the FAQs forum for cleaning my vinyl stripes with the Bright Glaze.  They had a white haze from a wax job by the previous owner.  Following the directions from the video in the FAQ I used the Bright Glaze and the stripes now look great.  Looking forward to putting the Leather Conditioner and Paint Sealant products to use.  I still need to do my homework on these products and their application methods/tools.  Any advice on these is appreciated.







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Welcome Tadd,


Great color combination on your Silverado!  :2thumbs: 


Be sure to check out the Adam's videos here on the site, or else on You Tube for additional information on the products and processes you are interested in, to keep it bright, protected, and shiny! 



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