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Back in the Adams Family. Anyone remember that wacky 60's show? I joined in 2011 after buying a new Mustang, grabber blue. Adams products kept it pristine until 2014, when I traded her in for an Escape (embarrassing). All that vehicle has seen is automatic car washes. I fractured my foot badly, unable to shift, so the 11 Mustang had to go. My Boykin Spaniel loves the Escape, so I'm keeping it for him and for winter. Anyways, I just picked up a 14 Mustang GT, in white with black top stripes from Tuscaloosa AL. It's getting a twister decal needless to say. As soon as I get my products, I'll dive in. Happy to be back.

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Wow, thanks for the warm welcome! I just replenished my Adams supplies and anxious to do a strip wash and full correction and detail for the Mustang. My last Mustang never saw any other products than Adams. It was new and it stayed new even through Michigan winters thanks to Adams products. This Stang I have now is not new and has seen automatic car washes. Oh, the horror! It's white, so it doesn't show the swirls, but they are certainly there. The only serious flaw finish wise is the stripes (aftermarket). They are scuffed and spotted. I'll probably replace them next spring. But I'm going to see if I can give them some love with Adams FMP, glaze and VRT. I bought the rubber cleaner and wash n wax, but a little worried about them affecting or harming my aluminum wheels, paint and stripes. I have contacted the crew at Adams, but it's Saturday. I'll probably hear back Monday. Honestly, the products I had for the '11 Mustang were superb, so these new products should also be superb. If not, 110 percent guarantee. How can anyone go wrong!

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