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Salutations from Ms.


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I wanted to drop in and introduce myself.

It was suggested by the good folks over on the gm-trucks.com forum that I traipse on over here and learn what I could about keeping my new truck in as pristine condition as possible. 


FWIW, the new truck is a 2016, GMC Denali 3500 in Iridium Metallic. Although it isn't a daily driver, I do drive it on weekends, dragging the boat to the lake or our 5th wheel to the campsite and yes, even as a grocery getter... :D


Although I have always washed and waxed my previous vehicles on a regular basis and thought I was doing a decent job, it wasn't until I visited the Adams forum that I realized I was wrong.


As a word of caution, I ask that you prepare yourselves now for the newbie questions that are sure to spew forth from my keyboard.




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Thanks for the warm welcomes. :2thumbs:

In watching the Adams videos, especially #23 " Interior Dressing and Protection " mention was made that the Conditioner can be used on all surfaces that are not painted or the nav screen.


My question is, most of the interior pieces that aren't leather/leather look alike are in fact painted. I.E. Door handle surrounds, Alum dash trim, etc. etc.

How careful should I be with the stuff?

Also, as there is no video with regards to using the interior cleaner, how, what and where should it be used? What should I not get the stuff on?


I don't want to go and screw up the interior of my new ride. The wife would see to it that I had some place else to sleep for quite some time, if I did. :eek:

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Again, thanks for the welcome.

After speaking ( emailing ) with Bianca @ Adams, who was very enlightening as well as helpful in leading me in the right direction, she also offered some suggestions as to how I can keep my boat clean as well.


I am sure that I am not alone in my product conundrum. After add the suggested products to my cart, it didn't look full enough. Soooo, I went shopping again. :huh: now my cart runnith over. :blink:  and my wallet runnith away. :help:


Gonna have to save a couple more $$$$$$$ in order to make shipping pay for itself and satisfy my craving for a little bit.. :thumbsup:

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