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Die Cast model car lol


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All Adam's products used on this detail lol. It's raining here and I'm pretty bored. So I found this old forgotten model car that needed some help. It's took all of 5 minutes, but was fun. I mixed some car shampoo and water in a squirt bottle and blasted all the dust off then washed with a MF towel and dried. Then I clayed the car and topped it off with H20 GG. You can see the difference lol. It even makes model cars shiny lol. The interior I used just an old rag and que tips along with detail spray. And here are the result.







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It rained today, still got a quick wipe down with the Rinseless, then detailed my grill hood, and my watches, a little diluted all purpose spray glass gleaner and in and out spray worked wonders. Haven't gotten to the matchbox cars yet.

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Got side tracked after a long day of detailing our Silverado. Made Adams wash buckets out of the 4 oz bottle caps with paper clip and detail swab for the bucke handle. Bucket has window screen in bottom to represent grit guard and found one rubber grommet for a gamma lid.



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