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Detailing business name!


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Alright! here it is! I CANNOT think of a name for the detailing business i am starting! I am 17, looking to start a detailing business to have a little extra cash flow to save for college, and also I love it! I am trying to make business cards but cannot think of a name or logo! Fire away ANY ideas you have for a name!! btw my name is Jaden in case that helps! Thanks guys, any ideas are appreciated!

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Radiate (or Radiant) Auto Detailing

Deep Reflections Detailing

Sunglasses Required Detailing

Jaden's Blazin' Auto Detailing

Just Add Shine Auto Detailing

Brilliant Results Auto Detailing


It you have a nickname, you could play off that, too.

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You could also keep it simple, taking a page from Adam's: Jaden's Auto Detailing Service.


Lots of companies out there have been successful using a namesake, e.g., Adam's, Wal Mart, Chic fil A (OK, maybe I'm just hungry, but it is named after the chicken!).

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When picking out a name make sure you Google it first in YOUR state.  If there is another business using this name in your state you cannot use it . unless it was never licensed etc. I ran into this once. 

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You're welcome. And I guess if I ever decide to start a detailing business I'll have already done part of the work.  ;)


Seriously, though, that's a great name. One that you should be proud to work under.


Any pics of Lux's first detail(s)?

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