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Wash & Wax for wheel maintenace



I tried Adam's Wash & Wax for the first time today, and it worked great!  But this is not a post for that.  


Like many of you I use Adam's Car Wash Shampoo for regular wheel cleaning - no reason to use the harsher and more expensive Wheel Cleaner when the wheels are only a little dirty.  My pre-mixed bottle of Wash Shampoo was almost out, and I was about to mix up the Wash & Wax in the wash bucket (I used 1 oz. of W&W to 2 gallons of water), and had a "hmmmm" moment - "the wash shampoo is sufficient for cleaning my wheels, but why not add some protection to them without any extra work!",  So I filled up my bottle with the W&W solution.  It cleaned the wheels just like the regular Shampoo, and I am hoping they stay clean a little longer with the 'wax' now added to them.


Here is my pre-mixed bottle of Wash & Wax with a Tolco foaming head sprayer (model 322) that I use for my wheel cleaning.  I just finished a gallon of DS, so I may be pre-mixing a full gallon of this in my new empty container.  



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Good idea - I'm going to give it a shot. 


So you pre mix wash or wash and wax with water just to spray on your wheels? Do you use that for any other applications?


For the most part yes.  But I did use the remaining pre-mixed Car Wash Shampoo to clean my vinyl tonneau cover.  And sometimes use it clean the rear of the truck along with a wheel brush. 


Great idea!  I'm waiting on my foaming spray bottle for this exact same reason.


How much W&W did you add to the spray bottle?


I scooped it out of the wash bucket with the cup in the picture, but took about 30 oz. out of the 2 gallons of wash solution.

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