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Greetings Aliens

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Been lurking here for a couple of months now. Found out about this company through Instagram and Reddit. Slowly building my arsenal of detailing supplies. Have gone from over the counter products to now Adams. Have bought a couple of mystery boxes/buckets to get a range of products and now have some gallons.


I'm still in the learning process and studying hard. Cant wait to get a pressure washer and DA polisher so that I can do a full paint correction on my GLI. Thanks for all the advice you guys give and I'll be around a lot more.

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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you!

Thanks so much. Glad to be here.



Love the GLI


Had 2 MK4 GTIs, B3 Passat, and a MK6 GTI.


Just something about them.

Yes! Yes there is. I believe it's the community around them. Fit and finish is great and they are a sleeper of a car. All the benefits of the higher end without the cost.


I also installed a JB1 to boost my HP output. That with the DSG and paddle shifters are a dream. It's so much more caffeinated now.


Welcome to the forum! Nice VW!! :welcomebanner:

Thank you kind Sir.


Welcome to the addiction!

Nice GLI. And great color, too. Be sure to pick up some BG...it'll make that red really pop! For why, a good article to read, if you haven't already, is this one: http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/27631-faq-should-i-use-wax-or-sealant-on-my-car/

I haven't but I will. Thanks so much for the suggestion. I really want this beauty of a beast to pop.


Welcome!! Skip the DA and go straight to the SK!

Sorry. Not that advanced yet. SK? Edited by EspressoDrinker
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