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BIG Shine !


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I have not seen any motor homes detailed on the forum in all my years here so I thought I would post one up. 31 feet of shine is the best way to explain it !! Brand new from Florida with only 4k miles on it and it looked like it had 40k miles on it when I saw it. I can say that the so called "sealant" they used on the rv was put on by someone with a bad high speed polisher at the dealership since there was tiger stripes all over the place and the front end of the vehicle was trashed. A 2 step paint correction was done on the front of the vehicle and the overhang as well, Machine Sealant, B Glaze, Buttery Wax applied and then the entire vehicle was sealed with Adams Machine Sealant. Needless to say he was impressed !! Here's some before and after pics.













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Awesome job, that looks fantastic. 


I gotta sk thou, what is machine sealant? was that a predecessor to paint sealant? 


Its the old version called "Liquid Paint Sealant", licorice smell. Older one took 24 hrs before adding any topcoat, newer version only needs an hour. I used the 1 hr version

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THANKS for all the above complements  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  !!! Having never done one before, I had to work smart and careful, on 10 foot ladders and aluminum staging . I looked at the job and estimated it by measuring it out as if I were doing 8 car hoods per side and 4 in the back of the rv. I was pretty much spot on.

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