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How does new Interior Detailer compare to other products?



Last time I ordered interior detailer it was green, and kind of smelled like baby wipes. I found myself using the leather cleaner and leather conditioner more often.

Hows the new stuff compare?

Where would it fit into a line up vs. the Interior Cleaning Gel + Protection Paste? 

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I'm with @Rich on the Leather Conditioner and use on almost all the interior surfaces except the screens and faux chrome/woodgrain finishes.  For the seats, center console, dash, glove box and door panels, I use Leather Conditioner on all of them.  I've found that using it about every three months keeps the interior looking sharp and moisture in the material.  


I usually run a swiffer over the dash and everything else to pick up any dust and using one of the Red pads, do everything with Leather Conditioner and for the tight areas I use the interior swabs.  It's easy maintenance, goes quickly and not only looks great, but also smells great.

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