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I'm finally back!


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I'm finally in a position where I can get back into detailing and frequenting the Adam's forums after a long layoff.  About two years ago, I got a phone call out of the blue with a job opportunity that turned out to be my dream job.  I accepted the position and ended up moving from Ohio, where I had lived my entire life, to Florida.  It took quite a while, but we're now settled into our new home and have all the initial remodeling tasks done, so I'm finally able to set up the garage and start detailing again. 


Last weekend, I unpacked some of my detailing gear and did my first hand wash since the summer of 2017.  I'm really looking forward to doing full paint corrections on both cars after two years of neglect, but I need to replace all my car care products first due to age.  After surfing the forums and the Adam's website a bit, I see I have a LOT of catching up to do on all the new products introduced in the last few years.


It's good to finally get back to detailing!

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Welcome back. Let the shining begin.


I see you are located in Rockledge. My children live there. I retired from Patrick AFB. I'm in Crystal River which is on the west coast pretty close to Ocala. I was working in Huntington WV the last two years building Gas Compressor Stations all over WV and Ohio. I'm sure you are still getting used to the weather change. Anyway, I'm new to this detailing stuff but give me a shout if you need anything. 

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Welcome Back!  We moved from N.J., where I lived all my life, to Alabama.  My wife left here 30 years ago.  I’m finding it a little more difficult transitioning than I thought.  


I use to be on the forum too , different name, but came back after trying The Ceramic W.W.

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