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Shout Out to the Moderators

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This morning I was on one of the other truck forums that I participate on and it reminded me of how fortunate we are to have such good moderators on this forum.  


The moderators usually have a thankless position, but I am here to say Thank You to all the moderators of this forum.  Moderators voluntarily give up their time to help others and keep the forum running smooth and when necessary step in to ensure the forum governance is followed.  This means they have to read a lot of posts that may be of no interest to them and move posts to the appropriate location, educate users on the forum and participate in corrective action or testing.  Sometimes they have be the one to tell someone no and do so in a respectful manner and hope the other party does the same and have thick skin if not.


Your caring, professionalism, educational contributions and courtesy are noticed and appreciated.

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