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2019 Trunk or Treat Charity event

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Castus Car Care and ABC Great Beginnings have teamed up to host our very first charity & car show event! Some of you on this forum are pretty far away haha but for those of you within the area that would like to be a part of this event, I welcome anyone who would like to donate and or attend this event! We are so excited to be hosting our first event as new business owners and active car enthusiasts ( I like to call us car freaks) and we really hope to see some fellow Adams polishes members and users of the products! We will have a section set up just for us so you can stop by and say hello. Oh, don't forget to bring the family as this is a Trunk or Treat event so we will be handing out candy and some other great prizes :). 


Use the link below to view the event:


FB- @CastusCarCareLLC


Hello fellow car enthusiasts! Please join us in our 2019 Trunk or Treat charity event! This is for a great cause and a great opportunity for families to get together and enjoy a night of fun, candy and of course the cars. All cars are welcome from the daily to the classic, if you have a car you want to show off, bring it!

Castus Car Care is a brand new business and will be starting in March 2020(Selling Adams Polishes and Car Care Supply's). So look out for it everyone! We appreciate you coming. If you need more information please post here and we will get to your question as fast as possible. Thanks!

Please join ABC Great Beginnings & Castus Care Care for a charity event to benefit Domestic Violence Victims at a local women's shelter. The Carnival will assist in raising money for the shelter.

We would like to invite our fellow enthusiasts and their families to participate in a free Trunk or Treat.
Bring your modified cars, trucks, jeeps, low riders, classic cars or exotic/super cars.
Dressing up is optional. We estimate 200 participants.

Bring Candy. If you cannot bring candy, Castus Car Care has donated some candy.
There will be plenty to do: Haunted house, carnival games, bouncy house, and dinner. (These activities cost money.)
Come help us support the Community of Saratoga Springs and have fun!

While we are having fun, we must respect ABC's rules and those are; No burnouts, No donuts, No high revving, etc! There will be Saratoga Springs Police department there to support the event and we would like everyone to have respect, enjoy the event and leave with a positive experience.

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Here are the results and some pics of the charity event. We ended up getting about $2k dollars donated to the Women's shelter. Had a ton of interest in the products form our booth as well, got to meet some great people and had a blast! Can't wait till it warms up to do more events :)














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