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2014 Cadillac CTS4 2.0T Luxury edition - black. 18" factory rims. Massachusetts. I have what I guess I would call hobby level + experience with detailing  - although if you asked my wife she would say I spend too much time cleaning my car. I took a body shop class after work number of years ago to refinish my 1987 Chevy Caprice - which I sold. I always have questions when I am looking at how to clean this or tha t and I decided this might be a great resource.


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Nice whip, and it sounds like you will get along with all of us very well 😬👍


I am in Maryland and have my prized possession is ceramic coated(2019 Tahoe Premiere RST).  The 2 dailys we own, I keep up on very well,  my Silverado has spray coating on one side and on the driver side I have different stuff on each panel for experimental purposes.


Do you have any experience with coatings?

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I gotcha, Adam’s Ceramic Spray coating is really awesome and easy, lasts 6-8 months.  He also has  boost and a paste wax which are phenomenal products adding gloss and longevity.


This picture is my old Tahoe after a wash and a layer of Brilliant Glaze,  BG doesn’t offer any protection but I use to use it all the time to make it look like wet paint.  (This was NOT coated)


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