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Happy Holidays from Charlotte, NC


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Thank you for the welcome! It is a long story but here are pics of our current situation! Life is good!!! The Batmobile is my daily driver and I swear every time I look at it there is a new scratch and the black shows everything but I love that car! My husband was born and raised in South Florida and we met in West Palm Beach worked our way up to Jenson Beach before we made it to Charlotte. We still have the boat and travel trailer from our Florida lifestyle but cannot only use them half the year up here so now we have cars :) I'll have to check out Adams Underground, that is right down the road from us!



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Thanks everyone! I have a lot to learn and received my first order today so I will be posting some questions in the forums! I'll also keep an eye out for the Revive Polish although I need to be careful my husband does not find out how much I just spent 😄


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