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One Step Pad v. Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad



Ok, I just received my new Adams Swirl Killer 15mm LT Polisher and I order it in the mystery box.  It is replacing a Porta Cable that I purchased many years ago.  Among other things (and I must admit I was more then happy with what was in the box) was the Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad.  I have an second shipment due to day with the One Step Pad.  So my question is first what pad would the experts suggest.  I plan to do a strip wash, clay polish and then apply the Ceramic spray coating and then the boost to my wife's 2018 Equinox.  It has some swirls that I would like to remove first.  Second in the box was also the blue compound.  I have always stayed away from compound but I do trust Adam to supply quality products.  So which pad is the most aggressive.  I was thinking to start with the least aggressive and if need be move up.  I was planning to use the one step polish also to start with. 

Final question, I do not plan to use the Ceramic kit on my Corvette, but with the hard clear coat that is on the C6 Corvette's is the compound to aggressive to do spot correct before moving to the correct polish?

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Hi Jack.  On the modern Chevy paint for normal vehicles, not the Vette, I've had really good luck using One Step with a Orange Pad as the starting point and then following up with the White Pad and finishing polish.  If the vehicle looks really good after after the first round with One Step, I have also gone to Revive Hand Polish.  As @Chris@Adams stated, do a test panel since each vehicle can be a bit different.  I have done two Equinox, a 2014 and 2017 and the paint was pretty consistent between them.


The other thing that I noticed about the Equinox is that they tend to throw more stuff on the vehicle near the front tires so the 2014 which had more mlles needed some additional work on the lower fender and front edge of the front doors.  It did not have any mudflaps, which didn't help matters.

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