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New Toyota 2016 4Runner SR5


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Super excited to say I finally have a 4Runner. I’m in the process in perfecting it. I’ll take some more after pictures today or tomorrow. I have extracted the carpets with my Bissell spot clean Professional (available on Amazon) that I got for Christmas and it is probably my best tool in my arsenal. And I have extracted the front seats. I pulled the seats out of the car and cleaned all the bolt cover trim pieces as well. I also disassembles the center console to get this as clean as I possibly can. Still have more to go, I will update as I do it. I will be coating someone soon if i can catch a warm day sooner or later. But for now here are some pictures. 









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13 hours ago, @Dmax_HD said:

Congratulations @ObsessedDetailer!! Looks awesome and can’t wait to see what it looks like with a few accessories on it!


Are you going to ceramic coat it at some point?

Thanks Jeff! you bet, hopefully sometime over spring break i think when I have the most time to do all the prep work. (polish, prep all that) 

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A little update:


Last week I  got new tint the 4Runner. The driver and passenger tint thad been nicked with what seemed like the seatbelt a bunch of times from the previous owner. I got 15% on the driver and passenger and 50% on the windshield. Really makes a big difference from the outside. hardly looks any different from the inside. I also cleaned the wheels and they were pretty filthy. So I cleaned those with some Waterless Wash. And after i had gone around and cleaned the faces of all the wheels, i decided to just do a full wheel clean because the barrels of the wheels still were filthy.  I have started polishing, I started with the door handles, and didn't get to do much more than that.  Will do more this weekend. I cant wait to get this thing coated!  I got to use my nano for the first real time on the door handles and I absolutely love it.. here are some pictures. I would like to take the door handles out to be able to polish the handle cups 








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2 hours ago, Yo-Yo Ma's Cousin said:

Very nice does it fit in there okay?

I was planning on just taking the actual door handle off of the door, that way I could get to it easily. 


1 hour ago, RayS said:

She's looking good Tim.  Trying to get under the door handles is a real pain.  I use cut up old Orange and White pads by hand and while it works, it still isn't great nor pleasurable on the back of the knuckles.

Oh thats very smart! I might have to try that 

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9 hours ago, mc2hill said:

She is looking proper now Tim!  


Try some clay under those door handles.  I have luck with that in the past on white car (I guess 'paint' transfer from the lady that drove the car).

Sweet! I will definitely how to try that!


5 hours ago, tlbullet said:

Awesome job on the door handles! 

Thank you JR! I plan to do some more this weekend. ill add some more pics as I go along. stay tuned!

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