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Annual Spray Coating


I applied Adam's spray coating last spring and completely main maintenance washes over summer/fall 2020. Over the winter I basically don't touch the paint (assuming it is still protected) and still have decent water beading even with a dirty surface. 


My question is, can I apply another round of spray coating over and existing coating that may be on (being weak coating at this point) after a thorough wash for this spring? The car has only accumulated about 2500 miles since last spring. Should I do any additional steps to re-apply the spray coating? The results over the last 12 months have been great!


Thanks for the help!

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I apply the Ceramic Spray Coating every year (overtop a Ceramic Coated vehicle), sometimes at a six month interval depending on time. Wash and Clay the vehicle. You'll have to determine which clay to use depending on the severity of contaminants embedded in the paint after washing; Fine, Medium Visco, or the Clay Mitt. If you've not washed at all throughout the winter it may need the more aggressive Visco Clay. Once clayed, evaluate the paint for marring and scratches. I usually get away with just some spot polishing, not the entire vehicle again. There's only so much paint on the vehicle, and polishing is slowly removing small amounts. I keep my cars quite a while and hate having to get panels re-painted because I got carried away. With proper wash techniques and not going overly aggressive while claying (use plenty of lubrication and don't use too mush pressure) the paint's still in fine shape overall.

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