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  1. Has anyone used this over a CSC? Not sure what to use this for anymore now? Windows yes ,but on ceramic coated paint?
  2. Day... I can’t remember what day it is..? Anyway I did a full Tire Armor detail today. I have been CS3ing between the rains in so cal, And every time I did tire shine, then it rains again and the tire shine instantly washes off. So we will see how the Tire Armor holds up! first pic is throughly cleaned second pic is first application third pic is second application I hope this lasts because I hate doing wheels and tires. And this was not a fun process!
  3. Ok I’ve cleaned the garage, washed both cars... so I spent some time cleaning up the Adams cabinet.
  4. Rb1274

    Adam's Online Car Show

    CS3! Between the rain!
  5. Sooo nice! I’m like a twelve year old with CS3... I can’t stop playing with it
  6. Ha ha “More work than I planned to do, but you know how it goes. Once you get started..” Totally understand!!! Four hours later having a blast and the wife comes out and says are you done YET?
  7. Doesn’t the Tire and Rubber cleaner remove the Tire Armor?
  8. 20 min CS3 wipe down after the rains! So quick, so easy!
  9. Which pad and compound for removing Ceramic Spray coat if nessesary?
  10. I did a full detail and ended with a coat of CSC about 4 months ago. I now have been maintaining with Boost and CS3... yesterday I ran my hand over the hood and it feels like the car is due for a claying. 1. What will this due to the CSC coat? 2. Will I have to polish down and strip it again? 3. After I Clay Bar, can I just do CSC over the car again without stripping? thoughts?
  11. Get these! If you don’t care about color, they are double soft! 6 for $20 and I got the 20TH discount so they were $16.00 your welcome!
  12. Got my CS3 today and was very skeptical when I ordered it. Had two seconds to hit my car with it before my wife left. Did the hood quick and immediately ran inside and place an order for the CS3 Gallon kit! Smells amazing. Super slick, and the gloss was outstanding!!! I can’t wait to do the whole car.
  13. Yes it did come from Anaheim. It was oddly packaged too. Box was way over sized with one small sheet of packing paper. Nothing broke or leaked, but that wasn’t a good start from the Anaheim warehouse.
  14. I'm getting my first delivery from the Anaheim store. I live 20 minutes away from there. Funny thing is my order is taking just as long to get to me as it would from the CO location.
  15. I killed it with the sale... best deal was the Orange Micro Fibers 6 for $15.99! I have been using Adam's Detail spray since 2006! Still the best product they carry.
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