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  1. Ha! Junky! I’ve done my fridge, grill, washer and dryer... the best was I saw someone was doing the ten step process on their die cast car.
  2. What happens to micro fibers after using CSC? Are they toast or can you keep young them?
  3. I love Lexus paint... I think you have an unfair advantage...
  4. I was due for an upgrade all around ... I’ve been addicted to Adams since 2010... micro fibers are spent, spray bottles are worn out. Miscellaneous stuff in the cabinet... it will be so nice to have NEW stuff....and continue using up the old on the work truck.
  5. It sure does cost a lot to make that switch over to Ceramics. I'am in the process right now I hope it will be worth it.
  6. Thanks for the input. Its weird, I LPS'd it when i got it, and have done H20 GG and still get burn in... this past weekend I washed it and was going to call it a day but the weather was perfect so I put on a full coat of Americana. OMG I forgot how good it looks. That was the first time i used it on a black car. I plan to make the switch to Ceramic in November. The process will be... Strip wash Clay Rinse and Dry One Step Polish Surface Prep Ceramic Spray Under Carriage Srpay Tire Shine I am hoping this will make things easier for the Daily Driver.
  7. Help!.. I just got this car two months ago. Been an Adams addict for several years. I had no issues with my last car. This car is black and ANYTHING that gets on it leaves permanent marks! Bird poop, water spots ect. When i got the car I did a full detail, minus polishing... Strip, Clay, Wash, LPS, H20 GG, still bird poop and water instantly burn through. I am thinking about stripping, Polishing, and then doing a full ceramic... not sure why this is happening... any input would be great!
  8. So I’m back after a long break... just got a new Subaru Outback in Black😉, I need to decide if I am going ceramic spray or stick to all of my existing, waxes (h2o, American,).... also how does brilliant glaze fit into the ceramic world??? I love BG...
  9. How about a hex applicator kit? Do all of them in a nice storage case.
  10. You are all killing it... don't let me discourage anyone. Jimmy the Mustang is beautiful.
  11. Someone needs to sent the equipment guy some Adams Matte Detailer and Protectant! Those helmets are all blotchy... lol
  12. Easy on the photoshop... lets go for "real" shine!
  13. RINSELESS!!! http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/32135-rinseless-love/
  14. ROAD TRIP! yeah right...Honey...um... Im going to Colorado to spend more time learning how to spend more time detailing your car...ie more time alone in my garage listing to football...
  15. Doesn't look like the same stuff as above
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