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  1. How about a hex applicator kit? Do all of them in a nice storage case.
  2. Rb1274

    OCTOBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    You are all killing it... don't let me discourage anyone. Jimmy the Mustang is beautiful.
  3. Someone needs to sent the equipment guy some Adams Matte Detailer and Protectant! Those helmets are all blotchy... lol
  4. Rb1274

    OCTOBER 2017 Photo Contest - Submissions

    Easy on the photoshop... lets go for "real" shine!
  5. RINSELESS!!! http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/32135-rinseless-love/
  6. Rb1274

    Fall clinic at HQ?

    ROAD TRIP! yeah right...Honey...um... Im going to Colorado to spend more time learning how to spend more time detailing your car...ie more time alone in my garage listing to football...
  7. Rb1274

    New Products

    Doesn't look like the same stuff as above
  8. I do the same!... not crazy now I know what im doing this weekend.
  9. Rb1274

    Porsche Detail

    Looks soo good!... My wife is a personal assistant for a family that has three porsches. All are black turbo: 911, Panamarea, Cayenne. I was so excited to watch the car "detail" crew come over to take care of these beasts. OMG I was frozen with fear when I saw the process of "cleaning"... 1. Spray wheels with degreaser 2. Wet with pressure washer 3. Dry with chamois and leaf blower Done Next car!!! No soap, no detail spray, nothing! I went out after and cried when I saw all of the swirls in the sun.... I might offer my amateur services to help them out.
  10. Rb1274

    Wheel Cleaner flavor

    I'll bring you mine...
  11. Rb1274

    Wheel Cleaner flavor

    Just to prove I'm not crazy, I had my son try it and he agrees... Lol
  12. Screw you and your beautiful Red paint! I will never buy a silver car again!!!!
  13. Rb1274

    Wheel Cleaner flavor

    This is weird...but, I just had a sparkling water that leaves a taste like wheel cleaner in your mouth????
  14. Rb1274

    Giving up on the merino mitt

    I also gave up on the Micro fiber was pad for my DD. There is no way to get bugs and bird bombs off with it. It is to soft. For the garage queens it is perfect for the once a month slick wash. FYI
  15. Rb1274

    NEW Paint Sealant Issues

    I have the old and it is always hard to apply and remove. After a full car my arms are toast. Not sure about the new one.