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  1. Weird that your post has not been seen yet. have no experience with Buttery wax, but H2O GG is great after a few washes to apply. Here is what is layered; Paint Sealant>Brilliant Glaze>Americana>Spray Wax
  2. Follow up here from March. Same LPS, same Wax. Detailed spray every wash every other week, recent H2O GG application with Last nights Spray Wax application. New wiper blades (side note: Same job, small raise and updated position)
  3. in the job site whether it be harsh/dangerous chemicals we have water in the container first then we add the chemical. it may not matter to you or it's something small, but it's good practice. less chemical spill should something go wrong.
  4. You can use he glaze under the Paint Sealant, however most like to use the Paint Sealant first so it has primary contact with the paint/clear coat. Then an application of brilliant glaze. You can then top it off with Americana/Patriot wax or another brilliant glaze application lol. then H2O GG. or skip the wax and go to the GG after the Paint sealant and glaze. Here is an interior view of what it looked hen it rained in CA towards the end of February; In order; 1-LPS 2-Brilliant Glaze 3-Americana wax
  5. GO with the premium foam gun. I have used the standard foam gun when it was on sale and it started to leak today from the plastic disconnect when i don't fully pull the trigger. NOT bothered by it, still enjoyed it and used it but yeah it up to you.
  6. Like the title states, any dealers of Adams Products here in the Central valley Ca? Maybe near the Fresno/Clovis area? Yeah i get a bit impatient or sometimes i have the feeling of getting up and doing something to find out i need order X-product and pay the $20/30/40 extra for fast shipping*, which could have been spent on more products. I noticed some1(apologies if i forgot the user) who posted a dealers map location, but was skeptical if the information was up to date. Thank you for reading.
  7. the nozzle looks like it comes off with a quick disconnect. You can still use Adams Snub nose, however you will need to buy the adaptor for the hose to connect to the MaleQuick Disconnect on adams snub nose. Edit* at $100 it's not bad. I have a greenworks 1700 psi 1.2 gpm, but now thinking about getting a "better" pressure washer. If you are looking for the shaving foam tendency then you may want to look for a pressure washer with a higher GPM such as 2.0 and up and not the PSI. If you do go ahead with the one you have and still want the Shaving foam from the foam cannon just change the Orifice on the Foam cannon to a 1.1mm orifice.
  8. saw adams Video the other day, it said either their All Purpose cleaner or Microfiber revitalizer as it states in the description. If i had the funds i'd get both lol with a new set of polishing pads.
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