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  1. What did you do today?

    changed fuel filter in an 01 silverado, Adams Polishes is making the Victory Red paint really pop!
  2. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    out of stock :/
  3. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Happy Birthday, Thanks for your products and community.
  4. Could use some glass cleaner/sealant and Boost combo with the new towels in a MysteryBox/Bucket. Or maybe thats just what i need lol! Have not been disappointed from any purchases and always enjoy your products.
  5. Anybody else notice the new pumpkin spice on Instagram?

    just ordered mine today. Enjoy!
  6. Baked On Bird Poop

    use the end of your finger nail* or a plastic scraper, but thats just me though. I love the shine and all the stuff Adams offers, but sometimes bird poop is bird poop. Nice red gloss.
  7. What Did You Wash, Shine, and or Polish Today

    try imgur, use it everytime. havent got to posting pics here yet though.
  8. AUGUST 2017 Photo Contest - Votes

    tough vote. congrats to whoever wins.
  9. Merino wool mitt dreadlock

    i've seen it happen the first time i've used it. did not put it in the washign machine or dryer. What i do now is after use i let it soak in the water and rinse it a few times in the bucket. then give it a soft squeeze to drench the water out. I put it on one hand and with the other had i kind of feather it out, just waving my lose hand over the wool mit. hang it on the clothesline to air dry and if i got time i'll "feather" it out again ti'll the fibers seems lose*. Thats just me, if there are any tips out there please let us know.
  10. remembered, was watching ChrisFix's car wash and clicked on his info below the vid for drying towels. was chemical guys drying towel on amazon, then on the suggested items was an adams drying towel. First item I ever bought from Adams and i'm loving all their products. Love this helpful community/forum.
  11. Soo somewhere in Fresno, CA an AIR tanker accidentally dropped Fire retardant onto several cars. Wish i had pic's but it was in the news and thought i'd share it here. The question is, how would some one go about tackling this issue? lol. They say Wash&soap easily remove the product and it is extremely safe.
  12. Thank you. Have done it again, purchased a MysteryBox along with TireBrush, VRT, Tire&Rubber cleaner, and AmericanaPasteWax. Some one help me! lol. best of luck on he MB's.
  13. I came across Adams Polishes by sheer luck i guess lol. Been using the regular stuff one would buy at WalMart or local AutoStores, but they have never seemed to satisfy and always been a bit expensive for just 1 item. Never really bought any of the towels or detail stuff because of a lack of knowledge so the reason I would stay away from them. Their products may be good, but always been iffy of their "satisfaction". Adams Polishes have great videos and great to see they have a forum. So far i've placed 2 orders from Adams Polishes within a week! LOL! Great products, instructional videos and from what i've seen on the forums a great helpful community! Thanks and enjoy.