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  1. Which Pressure Washer

    i've been wondering about this as well. Currently have a greenworks electric 1700psi 1.2gpm and it works fine with a foam cannon. Just for weekend use. But have been looking around for other pressure washers and wondering if i need a higher PSI or higher GPM to get the "super suds" effect from adams car shampoo/ultra foam etc? NOTE: have seen the video of replacement of foam cannon orifice to 1mm from 1.25, but not going to pay oversea shipping and wait etc. My apologies if this is considered thread hijacking.
  2. Official Beading Photo Thread

    Interior shot, LPS>BrilliantGlaze>Americana>H2O G&G
  3. Not bad for first time? took about 3 hours for the hood alone lol. Yes, strip washed and clayed. Thank you everyone on the forums for the helpful hints!
  4. VRT vs. Tire Shine

    love vrt for the dark "new/real tire" look. a little of it goes a long way and if you feel you have used to much and are not satisfied with the matte look you can use a mf towel and buff some off to achieve that look you want. in one of the mystery buckets i got In&Out spray and have used it once on trim and have never had to use it again. love it.
  5. PJs Auto Spa saying Hello!


  7. New member from Brooklyn Michigan

  8. Noob in the house

  9. Hey Guys!

  10. New to Adam’s polishes

  11. What did you do today?

    changed fuel filter in an 01 silverado, Adams Polishes is making the Victory Red paint really pop!
  12. Ultra Foam Shampoo

    out of stock :/
  13. Happy Birthday Adam!

    Happy Birthday, Thanks for your products and community.
  14. Could use some glass cleaner/sealant and Boost combo with the new towels in a MysteryBox/Bucket. Or maybe thats just what i need lol! Have not been disappointed from any purchases and always enjoy your products.
  15. Anybody else notice the new pumpkin spice on Instagram?

    just ordered mine today. Enjoy!