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  1. Welcome to your newest addiction from another Chicagoland resident. I'm by Downers Grove, if you need anything let me know
  2. Wow, I'm humbled. Thanks @Dan@Adamsand the rest of the Adams team for everything you do
  3. Great news and Thank you guys for all your hard work!
  4. I have stripped,sanded and polished a set of factory aluminum wheels in the past. Never re-cleared them as the car they are on never sees bad weather. I used aircraft stripper on them. I had to do it a few times to each wheel (80's dodge wheels) Take your time and use the stripper in a well ventilated area. Best thing would to remove the tires also, no telling what the stripper would do to the tires.
  5. @RayS My old man bought a demo 83 Charger back in 84 because I liked the sunroof and how big it was and I was kinda hooked on these little cars since then. (Which my pleasantly round self can still fit through today) He drove that till he gave it to me when I got my license in 95, with only doing basic maintenance to it, until I killed it of course. I do remember going past dealers and seeing them back in the day cause it looked like the car we were in and I wanted one then.
  6. 1986 Dodge Shelby Charger 2014 Ram 1500 1
  7. that looks like more of an anodizing issue then anything. I have had some paintball equipment in the past that depending on the alloy of aluminum used after a while being in the sun and heat it would turn to that same color that your rims did.
  8. I can try to help at somepoint. Time has been thin for me working on my car. I haven't even a chance to do it to my truck yet
  9. North of the tracks buy a few blocks. I still owe you a frosty beverage next time you come visit your parents on the south side.
  10. That's a regular paper filter. Like @falcaineer said just replace it. Dealer, local parts store, rock auto or amazon should all have it
  11. I'm in Downers Grove area myself. you looking for someone to help you with it or have someone do it?
  12. I use the foaming Leather and Interior Cleaner and then Leather Conditioner
  13. I have a 3" backing plate on my PC. Don't remember where it is from though. I can check the thread size when I get home if you still can't find it
  14. Chris is just mad that he can't get a wet Portillos Italian Beef sandwich or any Lou Malnatis pizza lol ( @falcaineer sorry I just had to, not going to say what I had for lunch today though ­čśů)
  15. I love the boost "gauge lights" on them. 2nd gen F bodies are my secret crush. If you're ever up in the chicago area I've got plenty of product if your looking to try something
  16. Welcome Christian to you newest addiction from another western burbs resident. I'm in Downers, if you need anything let me know
  17. Any plans for MCACN, November 23 & 24, 2019 in chicago, again this year?
  18. Welcome ´╗┐Keith to your newest addiction from a fellow Chicago area resident. I'm in the western burbs, If there's anything you want to try let me know. I won't hold it against you being a cubs fan either
  19. Welcome to you newest addiction from another IL resident. Luckily I am just out of Crook county
  20. My pocketbook is thanking me that there is no fat guy sizes on them this time.
  21. You know Chris, Chicago's the place with Lou Malnati's´╗┐ and Portillo's´╗┐´╗┐ all over
  22. I had issues with 2 bottles of the glass boost with the sprayers breaking. I put it in one of their universal bottles about a year ago with no ill effects seen so far.
  23. Welcome ´╗┐Ruben to your newest addiction from a fellow Chicago area resident. If there's anything you want to try let me know
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