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Man's Best Friends...Lets See Your Pets


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My son bought Nico and my wife and I have adopted him. He is a great companion and the biggest 97 lb baby that you have ever met. His bark is ferocious, but all he wants is petted. Now my son is in California and my wife told him that Nico stays with us.

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Beautiful Dobie!


I would LOVE to have one! My chihuahua is earlier in the post....I married into him. He has dobie markings and he is one mean sucker....he DOES draw blood! My little guy has gone nose to nose with a Pit Bull.....chain link in between the two thank goodness! He doesn't realize that he is tiny and will NOT back down...period. Even when he would be considered "LUNCH".


No kidding though, that dobie is amazing!



2008 GMC Sierra

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C'mon you big, burly guys, you can post pictures of you cats. I promise you won't get banned from the man table! :lol:


Here's my two. First there's Big Pu$$y. So named because my little girl cat takes whatever food I give him and he won't put up a fight even though he's twice her size. Oh, and I'm a Soprano's fan too!


With his "game face" on, waiting for the game...




Leaving the vet's after his checkup. I love his Godzilla eyes!




Then there's Smokey, the queen of the house...




She loves her some fried chicken wings!



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I don't see anything wrong with a guy having cats! They're great pets.


But Junk..... what the heck is up with the purple shelf with the little heart cut out?? :lol:




That's the love perch! It was there when I moved in and I never took it down. Hey, I'm a bachelor! I guess I could at least paint it a different color. It doesn't match anything in the house! :willy:

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This is George. He really doesn't do much. But he's a real gentle cat and likes to hang around me in the garage.





Great pic!


My cat is the same way -- he thinks he's a dog and follows me around all weekend. My wife and I have two nicknames for him: when I'm working on home improvement projects he becomes "Tool Belt" and when we're in the garage he's "Pitcrew".



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