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Guten Tag!!!


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Dear Adams Community,

I want to introduce myself and say "Guten Tag" to everyone. My name is Axel and I am from Germany as you might have guessed from my user name (am I the first german here?). I learned about Adams while watching detailing vids on Youtube. A "brotha in his garage" :bow: was talking about his "PC" and explaining exactly what polish to apply in which order. Having no clue about machine polishing, I loved the way he explained everything in detail and took the fear out of the scary job of putting a high powered electrical device on your beloved car. The results he achieved were not too shabby either :thumbsup:. He mentioned the "Adams Forums" in his videos so I went here, found a lot of good advice and witnessed the great "Adams camaraderie" from the forum members and the great customer care from the Adams team. I was sold!

Aquiring the Adams products was at first not that easy though, without having a dealer in Germany. Luckily I discovered "Autojoy", based in the UK :uk: and owned by Roger Cowley, who was happy to help me out. Roger offers great customer service, always seems to work (replying to emails at 10pm on a sunday) and I am glad to be one of his customers (No, I am not getting paid to say that :D). Thanks to a friendly colleague of mine, I also recently managed to get my Adams PC Starter Kit :pc:. He brought it back from Canada when he was there on a business trip (otherwise shipping costs to Germany would have been ~150$, plus import tax etc.). Now, the "only" thing to do before getting started with the PC is to sort out the garage :eek:: The lighting is useless at the moment and there is not enough room to walk around the car. My wife and I are building a shed in the garden to get all the gardening tools out. So still some way to go....


OK, thats it for now. Have a good weekend and 4th of July,

Der German :cheers:

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:hi:Rich, Bill, Dylan, Chris, Mac, Michael, Rich, Billy, Jim, Brian, Nick, A.J., Randy, Pete,

Thank you all for your kind words.


@Michael: Yes, I am unfortunately in the wet part of Germany (in the North close to Hamburg). The summer has been crazy so far. Either it was really hot or it was cold and rainy. In the last weeks it has been the later:(.


@Nick: I drive a 2003 BMW M3 Coupe (E46). She is becoming a bit of an old lady by now, but we are still in love :D. Unfortunately I don't have too many good pictures of her, but here is one after a nice bubble bath with Adam's Car Wash.




@A.J.: Are you planning a new video series? I would love to see more (have them all downloaded).


Take care,



P.S.: Sorry for the late reply.

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