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My New Ride


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A couple of "dirty" pics of my new daily driver. Picked up a new 08 Impala SS, red jewel tintcoat, fully loaded, 303 hp, sunroof, 18" shoes, leather interior, etc. It's only going to be 40 degrees today, and snow and cold the rest of the week, so it will be a little while before she gets the Adam's TLC, but she's still pretty. Love the color. Can't wait to get her all shined up cause that color is amazing in the sun!









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Nice car, I have a 08 Saturn Aura XR . It is also the red jewel tint base with all the goodies. Same drivetrain as yours I Think. Is yours a 3.6 VVT ? These cars are awesome to drive, Handle like a sports car:thumbsup:

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Look, it's an impala in C6 Monterey Red! lol. My mom has a '08 SS also, but it's the bronze color, whatever that call it. pretty quick car, especially for it's size. but it does have a V8 atleast. lol. Have fun with it.

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