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How to remove baked on chewing gum from paint?



Hey guys,


I recently discovered a couple three inch long pieces of old gum baked onto the lower rear of the car, behind the rear tire. I tried some APC to no avail. I followed that with some "Goof Off" which did little to nothing to remove it.


What's the secret? It seems like clay would make a mess of the gum.

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Dylan revealed a little secret to us at the recent vendors clinic. Try Brilliant Glaze. Get it on there a little heavy and let it sit for a while. There's something in the product that breaks down the sticky element. We used it on a tree sap spot and it worked pretty well.


Personally, I have used butter to break down tree sap or peanut butter to break down gum. Just let it sit on there and then carefully wipe it away.

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I'll try some Brilliant Glaze and if that doesn't work, peanut butter.... if I bought the creamy, not the chunky...



The chunky would be equal to SSR and the creamy would be FMP.


The chunks of peanuts would be the diminishing abrasives.

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