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A couple clean pigs, lol....PIC HEAVY*

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, but I’ve been having issues with Photobucket! My wife and I had a long weekend together 2 weeks ago, to celebrate our 7 year Anniversary! When she was at work Thursday, I took 12 hours, 11am-11pm to do a full correction on her '07 SRT8 Cherokee. The process was as follows:

2 bucket wash with a firehose nozzle & 2 Jumbo wash pads (and my new Rapid Reel setup :) )

Blow dry & Absorber dry

Claybar entire Jeep

1 pass (2 passes in some areas) of SHR

1 pass (2 passes in some areas) of FMP

1 coat of BG

1 coat of Americana

Super VRT on tires, and ALL plastic trim

In & Out Spray on grille mesh


The Jeep was in "good" condition, as I've ALWAYS maintained it very well. However, in the "before" pics you can see small scratches. This is very simply done from lower quality microfibers being used, and slightly less than perfect technique. Since being intro'd to Adam's Polishes, the towels, and perfecting my technique. Those scratches are a thing of the past!!!













I am BLOWN AWAY at how truly EFFECTIVE the Super VRT is. The shine is unbelievable, and the fact that it dries to become to dry to the touch is just cool. Weird, but cool, lol. :) And now, after a wash, and a rainstorm later, there's NO residue, and it's still SUPER black, and REPELS water. Stuff is truly the best I've EVER used in a product of this sort.










The 300 got the same process less than a month ago. So that day she just got another 2 bucket wash, Absorber & blow dry, Detail Spray wipedown, and Super VRT on the tires and plastic! Here's some afters of the Jeep, along with the 300.









































I did a full detail on the 300 today, along with some EXTRA attention to the engine bay, but it was dark when I finished it. Tomorrow I'll update this thread with some new shots of the engine bay. Hope you enjoy! :)

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nice chase! lucky you got that red rock, great color in the sun. My jeep is actually black clear coat and not brilliant black, and think im am having some problems with the paint now so might talk chrysler into repainting it, if not then might be white in the near future, stormtoopin ;). But to evo above, let me just say i haven't seen over 13mpg on the average on the dash and just gunna get worse once i get headers/heads/cam on haha. Not a car for good gas mileage thats for sure!

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That really means a lot guys. Some people think I'm "spoiled" or "lucky" having three SRT's, and I catch a lot of flack for it. But truth is, I simply work hard for a living. I never got an inheritance, trust fund, rich parents, NADA!! I've just worked my tail off and followed a passion for automobiles. I'm a self-made man, and have no regrets about flaunting it a little. Funny part is.....there's WAAAAAAAAY RICHER dudes than me out there, lol. SERIOUSLY. I'm honestly not "that cool" in the whole scheme of things. REALLY.


I guess the difference is, I just try to tastefully modify each vehicle in a very subtle, clean, OEM kinda way. And I believe in a great stance, nice attention to small detail, and I actually TAKE CARE of my cars.


Thanks again for the sentiments boys!! :)


And Len.......PRAYING the Charger is back within 14 days.....missin' it bad.

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slick lookin' rides, Chase!

Did you paint the roof on the 300 or is it vinyl? (if so what kind, and how do you care for it). I've been thinking about going with the panoramic looking roof myself.


BTW, LOVE the plate on the Jeep :2thumbs:

Roof and mirrors are painted gloss black. And thank you. :)

that 300 is sick, and i love the black w/ red on the jeep.

Preciate ya bro!!

More power to ya Chase, gotta appreciate the hard working Americans

Lol. Well thanks.

After reading your praise of SVRT I think you should change your user name to SVRTLUVR

Lmao dude!!!! :) Not gonna happen.

So true it had to be posted twice! :jester:


Great work! Love that 300! You have some great taste! Pics of the charger ASAP!

As soon as I get her outta the body shop!!!

I think if I ever go jeep, it'll have to be an SRT8 ;) great looking!

Thanks a million man!!

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