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Thank You Adams and forum members



Just finished my black 07 F150 dd. First time with the pc. Swirl/haze remover, fine machine polish, machine sealant. Following weekend- bg and then americana. The results are amazing!! The Shine and the deep gloss!! The paint was swirled and spiderwebbed. 95% of them have disappeared. I'll get them next time. I was a little hesitant of the black paint. Getting experience and a feel for the products and machine was easy. The biggest fear of working on black paint is gone with the Adams system. Thank you to Adams and the fantastic instructions. Thank you to the forum members who answered any questions I had. Adams Customer For Life!

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Wow Steve, she looks great. Especially considering your discription of what it looked like beofre. I feel your pain with the black. I wouldn't recommend anyone buying a black car unless they have a full compliment of Adam's products. :-)


Keep up the good work and you will get her 100% in no time.

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