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Conference Calls + Bored = Photoshop


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So last night and today I had bunch of conference calls, I got REALLY bored. I decided to brush up on my Photoshop skills. The bottom image is the results of that...


Original Crappy iPhone Pic



Finished Product



Photoshop is becoming almost as much of an addiction as Adam's Products.



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@70'sChevyGirl - I have not taken any classes, just did a lot of reading about PS when I got into photography about 8 years ago and did not use it for some time. I just started brushing up again in the last few weeks.


@dipolley - I am horrible at minesweeeper. I always explode. :lol:


Next one is something to do with winter and the wife's Taurus. Snow rally??

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Well I have been going kind of nuts in Photoshop and have way too many to post on this forum. Check out my Tumblr page to see all the ones I have done recently.


Beard's Tumblr Page can be found at; 80 MPH Photography


I need a garage to work on my rides during these crappy days instead of spending so much time in Photoshop...:lolsmack:

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