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New 2011 Chevy Colorado... Black


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GORGEOUS truck dude!!! Interior pics??


I'll do interior pics when I'm 100% done with the Stereo/Sirius Setup.


You should see the before pictures.... it wasn't so gorgeous when I got it. The dealer really f'd it up when they "buffed" it. I think they just used a bunch of over the counter "M_______er's" crap.


The turn around is 100% thanks to Adam's and 10% to me. 110% :loser:


Thanks for the compliments guys, really makes all the frustration worth it... Ask Dylan, I've been in contact with him A LOT lately. I felt like it was the first time buffing a vehicle. It was truly trashed. I've got about 19 hours of buffing into it and I still have the tailgate and roof to do. So I'm guessing about 3-4 more hours. Not going to be TOO picky on the roof. Only Semi's can see it.

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looks brand new! nice job!


It actually looks newer than when it was Brand New hahaha :lolsmack:


I'll put up some before pics tonight.


PC or Flex?


PC. Mostly Orange and White pad, 2 passes with the orange and 2 passes with the white seemed to do the trick. Had to break out the good ol yellow for a really stubborn scratch.

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Ya it made me sick to look at. At first I was going to wait till spring but then I just couldn't look at it any more. I have this reputation and work and at the FD for what my vehicle looks like and that wasn't cutting it.

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Nice truck! I'm going to look at a red one with the v8 tomorrow. Is there anything you don't like about the truck or anything you just love about it?


Gas Mileage isn't too great, but I have an inline 5.


Get a 4 door, not an extended cab. I originally was going to get an extended but there was so room in the back of it.


If it has Chrome Wheels like mine, go over them very very very well before you buy it. 2 of mine were replaced because they had defects.


If you want a coin holder for the center dash, buy it on eBay! I'll give you the link. It's $10 on eBay but the dealer will charge you $40.


Oil changes suck because it takes a newer type of oil that a lot of shops don't have yet so I have to go to the dealer to change it. It's every 5000 miles not 3000. But it cost me $55 each time instead of the usual $24 I used to pay for every 3000.


It's a beast in the snow thats for sure....


I wasn't so happy with my truck at first, I felt like I had to baby it because it had a plastic liner in it. Get a spray in liner... I got a Line-X one. Also I got a Truxedo Bed Cover. Now I love it.

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