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GT Louvers on SE Hood - Daughters 94 Grand Prix


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I picked up a set of 94-96 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Hood Louvers on eBay:



Drip pans were included and the Louvers and drip pans sandwich some of the hood material to hold everything in place.



Screens inside the drip pan to keep the "nasties" out of the engine bay:



Some drilling, measuring and cutting:





I cut the hood material with a Jig Saw and a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel attached:














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Thanks guys! It was a fun project.


Guts SRTLUVR? Nah, this is no show car. It is in really good shape for it's age but does have a few minor issues, and it's going to be a daily driver for a 16 year old. I'm not 100% sure the hood hasn't had a repaint sometime in its past.


Nasty haze:



I was told by the seller that a guy plowing snow in the owners driveway last winter backed his pick-up into the hood:



I'm thinking of having the hood repaired next spring and figured "what the heck", if I really screw it up I'll just have it replaced. Came out nice and straight.

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Color matched? I don't know. The front end has enough black that the contrast looks pretty good in person: black kidney grilles, black quad light surrounds, black outline to the Pontiac emblem, black windshield cowl, and black at the bottom of the windshield.


Depending on how the car holds up through the winter I may have the hood repaired and resprayed, so who knows? If she wants them color matched they may end up that way.


My wife has already stated she thinks I want the car :rolleyes: and that I'm going to make it look too masculline for our daughter, whose car it's supposed to be. Michelle, our daughter, really seemed genuinely happy though with how the louvers make the hood look.


How about this: Saturday the car got washed, clayed and a coat of MSW applied to try and get it to spring with no more damage to the paint than there already is. Guess who clay bared the side panels and glass?





:2thumbs: Let's see how long it lasts, a father can only dream...

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