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Barn Car


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Went to Corvette Mike's today and saw the '78 Corvette Barn car. It has 13 miles on it, and the plastic wrapping is still on the seats, and the window sticker is still on. The car has been sold and they said that it was going to be washed later in the day.


I hope Norm was able to get his hands on it.








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its like a time capsule!


kind of makes you wonder what the story there is... who buys a car like that, puts 13 miles on it and never touches it again? Did the original owner die unexpectedly? Did they always intend to store it and never drive? Interesting.


The original owner bought it for in investment. The story goes that he needed some money now so that is why he sold it. I'm sure he got more than the $14,681.21 that he paid for it. It is a collector that bought the car so I don't think its going to see many miles put on it.


1978 BARN FIND CORVETTE | Corvette Mike New England Some if the story is here on Corvette Mike's web site.


I left early and need to talk to Norm to see if he got his hands on it. When I left they were waiting for a TV crew to come and film the washing of the car.

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