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PC 1st use



My PC arrived at 9PM last night so I knew today was going to be a great day.:2thumbs: As soon as the temp rose above 32 degrees I washed my truck and got her ready. It’s a '94 Silverado that I purchased to drive in bad weather and for hauling. I am new to machine polishing so I wanted to do the truck before I tried it on my car. I am really pleased with the results. My wife says I now have the “shiniest beat up truck around”.

I was able to get out some pretty serious scratches as well as some nasty clear coat scratches from using throttle body cleaner :eek: to get tree sap off the hood.

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Awesome for being that old, Nice job.


Now, why does that house in the background not have any windows :confused: ...seriously? that would freak me the F*** out


Wow, that's wild. Didn't even notice it at first.


OP: Great job!

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