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Day Cruise


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Tempting the fates?
LOL :thumbsup:


Nice reflection of the nearby police!:thumbsup:
:thumbsup: in the first photo just down from that bend there was LEO hiding in the bushes. Notice the speed limit and speed on the HUD :thumbsup:


Now that is bad! Showing the polished goods through the hood
LOL went for the stealth mode and no bling on my car but man that blower is spotless as is the rest of his car.


Thanks Mike left a msg on FB

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very nice camaro! not to be a creep but that road anywhere near port st lucie? looks familiar. i literally got back today from staying in vero beach
LOL you're close. 1st is headed south VeroBeach to Ft Pierce and the others are on 2nd St downtown Ft Pierce.
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