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Adam's Sponsored Ferrari Race Car

Team Adam's

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Tomorrow the Team Adam's Ferrari will be competing at East Heritage Elementary School in the Kindy 500.

The car is a K500 Cardboarderia powered by one 5 year old. Team driver Tanner von Kleist will hopefully pilot this amazing piece of automotive engineering to a victory. :jester:


Note the custom twin racing aluminum foil exhaust



State of the art restraint system



Rolling on 8.5" lightweight cardboard wheels with carbon fiber photograph brakes



Given the overall top speed a large spoiler was needed to provide sufficient downforce




A large front intake insures a cool dense air charge for the powerplant.



Of course this beautiful gloss red paper exterior is cleaned with Detail Spray before every race


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Guest Sarah@Adams

Love the new ride Tanner, good luck and keep it shiny side up! :burnout:

Oh, and don't forget your Adam's Detail Spray, all the girls will want to touch that car and the fingerprints will slow you down!

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Oh dam Dylan, that stinks! Sorry for that bud! Mook.. Magnafoil? I just spit tea on my computer at work! Priceless!


Dylan that was wicked cool to do for him! He is a lucky boy to have you for a dad! again sorry you couldnt make it to the race!

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