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1991 Corvette ZR-1


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Here's a couple shots of our 1991 ZR-1 Corvette. It was badly water spotted when I first got it and thought I'd have to color sand it to get them out. Full treatment with Adams products worked miracles though as you can see.

(P.S. Car might be up for sale soon)





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Thanks for the comments. I'll look and see if I have some before and post up tomorrow if so. Adam saw it though, he can attest to the spots for sure. He even worked a little magic on it when he visited. :rockon:

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Sorry it's taken so long to post. I don't have any before shots that would show the extent of what the paint was like. All I can say is it was water spotted very badly. The whole car needed attention.


Here's a couple of before and afters of the suspension to give you an idea though.


Rear Suspension - Before & Afters







Front Suspension - Before & Afters



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Even though 99% of the people who look at your car will never see the suspension, isn't it a nice feeling having it that clean?

When people ask me why I clean places no one else will see, I just say, "Because I'll know."

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For some reason, I'm not getting notifications of all the responses you folks have made. Thank you very much, I appreciate them and can tell you if it wasn't for Adam and his products, the car may not look as it does.

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Nice job. Love the befores and afters.


Thanks man, here's a few more.









That's it, but you get the idea. It took 3 - 3 day weekends just to get the car to point where I could start with Adam's products.


Thanks again for all the comments. He was a diamond in the rough as you can see.

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