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Adam's Team Signed Baseball


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So when I ordered my first ever mystery box, I asked for a signed box by the Adam's team, like a baseball.


Well they put in an ACTUAL baseball signed by the team! w00t. I will be keeping this in good condition for display once I get a home and a neatly organized detail area! :)


Thanks Adam's team!! Even got Adam's signature on it! :willy:




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LOL... If I had known the ball was going to you I would've refused to sign it. :jester:


haha, your signature must be one of the quick small ones. I can't figure out which one is you!



Speaking of which, I think I'll coat it in a nice layer of Americana!

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I like how accommodating and original this company is with fun requests!


In the mystery box, we've seen this now and also the box with all the questions on it. And we've even seen the Harlem Shake video!


Awesome stuff, Adam's team!

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