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Finally Got my Master Blaster :)



I finally got my last expensive purchase!

FOR NOW  :thumbsup:                                                   hint hint.... Flex


In the last few months I have gotten:  

Porter Cable Polisher                 ($120)

3100psi Pressure Washer          ($600)

Master Blaster 8hp                     ($300)



here are some pictures of the MB and some products


sorry if its an over load of pictures  :drool:














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Enjoy it! Can't wait to be done with school so I can get my own place and more toys like that :)


Im actually a freshman in college haha Im planning on paying off those loans later on so dont worry about my adams addiction as of now haha :)




I would suggest some hearing protection when using the MB. It can get pretty loud when you blow all that air into cracks and crevices.


I had to start using it right away and will be making a few videos, because it is really hard to find any good reviews on them out there and what they really do.   

i dont think its too loud in my honest opinion but that might be because im around wood working power tools all the time hah




Agreed, I love all of the Metro Vac products I have.  Built to last and work flawlessly.


Still plan on getting one of their vacuums.  i have a small shop vac and some okay suction power, after seeing the MB3 perform i can only assume that their vacuums have insane suction power...


took a while to pull the trigger on the PW and the MB but im glad I did and I LOVE MY FOAM CANON!!! SNOW IN THE SUMMER IS WHAT MY NEIGHBORS THINKING ;)

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It would play the video, but is that the one where he blows the gallon refill off the table?

I used my MB this morning to blow the snow off my car and blow everything out my garage, no more sweeping :)

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I'm on the fence about this one. I want to buy it but not sure if its worth the money.


I was in the same position then went ahead and got the MB and the pressure washer at the same time haha


I say both are needed!!!  Foam canon on PW is amazing

and master blaster just does work.

i have had it for 2 days and already thought of many other uses other than just drying car... it is a must

$300 really isnt that much

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Just bought one myself after procrastinating for months. HOLY SMOKES is this thing powerfull !!! All the little crevises, marker lights, all those little nooks and crannies, blows water right out of those little spots. Used a backpack blower forever, and now I wonder how I did it all those years. The flexible hose and the power with the heat makes all the difference compared to the backpack blower. It literally completly dries off tires in 30 seconds!! Huge time saver and it eliminates those water drips that always seem to appear when you start polising, no matter how many hours you wait and you think the drips are gone. Like aboves post mentions, if you can afford it,get it !!!!!

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One of my favorites.  Love that thing.  Now if I could get into the habit of using ear protection when using it.  I had known for a while that I had wanted one, just had to do it.  Glad I skipped over the sidekick and went for the MB.  I would have spent more and ended up with the MB in the end.  

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