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Chevy C10


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Here's a few pictures of a Beautiful Chevy C10 I polished for an upcoming show. Overall it had haze to it. Polishing out the haze really brought out the green and the flake. The paint on the truck is no where perfect. I had to be careful around a few areas wher the paint was failing. I love the stance of this truck and the fact that it's a long bed.

Brilliant Glaze and APW gave it the final Adam's Shine.










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Very nice! That body style pulls off the long bed better than any other; the proportions are just right.

I had a '69 C10 as a teen. It was a basket case but it ran (more or less). It's another one of those that I daydream about how it would be today if I had kept it all these years...

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I really like those!


I was supposed to have one as a first 'car'.  My dad's company was retiring a black one from logging duty, but about 2 months before I was to get it a lady pulled out in front it the driver early one morning.  The driver was ok, but the truck was totaled.  I did get to use the bed-converted-to-a-trailer several times though!

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