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Triple soft towels



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Great question! The new Triple Soft Towels have a longer, thicker nap when compared to the new Double Soft, which has a shorter nap to the fibers. It has the same 1100GSM rating as our old Double Soft towel, but with the thicker and longer fiber material. All 3 new towels are incredibly soft. The Triple will work great for many uses just like the Double Soft - Detail Spray wipe downs on the most delicate painted surfaces, polish and wax removal, rinseless washing, H2O Guard & Gloss application, and so on. I still like to recommend our Borderless Gray Towels for H2O Guard & Gloss though, since they're color coded to the product and then you don't have to worry about slightly staining your white towels like some people have issues with.



The new Single Soft has a little bit longer of a nap than the old towel as well, so it's similar to the Triple Soft in that regard, but the towel itself is much thinner and the fibers are not as thick as the triple. All 3 towels have a scratch-free satin edge border as well - Single has a black satin edge, double has a silver edge, and triple has a dark gray edge.


Here's a picture I just took of the new towels, each folded in half and then folded into thirds without trying to smash them down at all to show a fair comparison. From left to right - Single, Double, Triple. So much softness :wub:



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