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Protecting leather seats from infant car seat?


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Here is a version of the one John posted, but it is a little higher in the back:






This works well with forward facing seats like convertibles or boosters that have backs.


For a rear-facing infant seat, the back portion can be folded in half, until the little one is big enough to reach their feet onto the seat back.

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I have a mat that came with the car seat (for the grandkids) that works great. But I don't see any reason why any kind of mat wouldn't work.  Even a heavy towel or two would work and you could wash that.  

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I just dealt with it b/c to me it was a small step to start living with a semi dirty truck with kids.


1. car seat indentions was the beginning!

2. food crumbs to keep the kids happy while babies

3. more food and crumbs while traveling

4. oh yeah, also forgot to mention the occassional projectile vomiting while traveling...crap gets everywhere, ha!!

5. kids got older moved into booster seats, still have indentions, but less messy food wise but not tracking in mud and all kinds of things from sports and taking there buddies places


...why did we have kids again, ha!!!!???

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